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不忘初心 卓越廿年 - 上海新加坡国际学校廿周年校庆

1996 年 9 月,为解决自己两个女儿以及在沪 新加坡家庭的子女教育问题,国际元立集团总裁 陈逢坤先生在上海青浦太阳岛播下父爱的种子, 创办上海新加坡国际学校。

Prime Objectives

As I sat at my desk, pondering the elements of a good editorial, I soon discovered something rather interesting — what makes a piece of writing so good is what makes a prime supermarket as well!



The Vagaries of Royal Medicine

This article exposes the dangers involved in administering medicine to China’s emperors, and how, from the perspective of the doctor-patient relationship, people practicing medicine today have it much better than their predecessors.


Early to Rise, Work Hard, Study Hard

The highly accomplished and venerated Qing dynasty statesman Zeng Guofan asked himself the following questions every day: “Did I get up early yesterday? Will I get up early tomorrow?” “Did I work hard yesterday? Will I work hard tomorrow?” And, “Did I study the classics yesterday? Will I study the classics tomorrow?”


Striving for Balanced Growth - Mentally, Physically, Spiritually

Only by bringing out the intrinsic qualities of each student do we give meaning to the word education. The Goethe-Institut method is an organic approach to teaching with a focus on fostering a child’s innate abilities at each stage of development.

Gaia: The Earth as a Super Organism

The name of the living planet, Gaia, is not a synonym for the biosphere - that part of the Earth where living things are seen normally to exist. Still less is Gaia the same as the biota, which is simply the collection of all individual living organisms.