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Behind the Scenes

“Leaders must be the locomotive driving the team forward,” and, “We must shake off the sweat and tears and focus on the task at hand.” These words of wisdom from Chen Baohui and Dan Tangming, director and manager of golf course planning and development, epitomize the spirit of Taisheng in managing affairs and working as a team.


Joy and laughter were the defining traits of the opening ceremony for the driving range at Mahota Town. Each person behind the making of Mahota Town has taken away something different from the experience, which has been a positive and rewarding one for everyone.

Professor Lin Tzong-shyan said the project officially began in 2010, when PGI established an office in the city of Penglai to coordinate planning and development. Contouring of the land and fertilization of the soil were completed in 2011. The seedlings for the vineyard were planted the following year. The first PGI team set up camp in April 2013 to initiate Phase II of development. In October 2014, they celebrated their 2nd annual Harvest Festival, completed construction of the new villa and opened the driving range.

Each member of the team took away something different from the experience:

Admintrative Manager Wang Weiwei has had her hands full dealing with the seemingly endless succession of issues involved in building a small town from the ground up: “We made a big push this year and everyone in every department – the developers, engineers, you name it – had their work cut out for them. I was the person they would find whenever a problem arose.” Wang’s assistant Liu Shihui stayed long after everyone went home for the day to make sure this momentous occasion went off without a hitch.

General Manager Ye Ping pointed out that no matter the circumstances, the important thing is how we choose to respond: how to keep a cool head under pressure and take a level-headed approach to problem solving. Once we are able to do this, the issues plaguing us simply fall away, because problems do not survive in a stress-free environment.

Chen Baohui, director of golf course planning and development, said the important thing is to shake off the sweat and tears and focus on the task at hand. Manager Dan Tangming added that leaders must assume the role of a locomotive, pushing ahead so as to create momentum and propel the team forward. Falling behind is out of the question.

Ni Jin from property development said she has recognized the importance of building team spirit and achieving all targets. And Cai Yanjuan, who has decided to focus on work before raising a family, said she is hoping for the opportunity to go overseas for advanced study so that she can increase her value as a specialist and raise standards “by leaps and bounds.”