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Lee Sok Lian


lee-sok-lianLee Sok Lian holds a BA (Hons) in English literature from the National University of Singapore, and though she worked as a copywriter for four years in her late twenties, she has been an English teacher—her first love and true calling—for most of her life.

Less than ten years ago, she was introduced to meditation and began taking courses in healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch, yoga, laughter yoga, hypnotherapy, intuitive counseling, relaxation techniques, and other meditation subjects, including a two-month stint at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, where she learned from Tim Simmerman. That’s when her life took a surprising turn: instead of returning to Singapore, she was asked to transfer to Sun Island Shanghai to use her newfound healing skills in addition to her teaching skills.

Now, she is the resident meditation and laughter yoga teacher of Sun Island. She is also the editor of the English segment of The Mahota Quarterly and teaches conversational English as well as personal mastery classes.

Lee’s first book “If You Think The Water Is Cold”, available at, is based on the true story of a cancer survivor Tan Siew Khim, a Singaporean who, after facing her initial fears and conquering her reaction to “leave this world quietly,” decided that she wasn’t ready to quit this just yet. Siew Khim embraced the different forms of medicine and treatments available. When she was invited to Sun Island Shanghai to convalesce, Siew Khim discovered the power of wellness activities such as mindfulness meditation and laughter yoga. This is where she met—and inspired—her biographer, Lee Sok Lian.