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Emails from Silvia Mecca (Milan)

Dear Sok Lian,

Thank you for the connection.
I remember me wonderful woman I met two years ago in Plum Village (France) and that was a laughter yoga teacher. I had my first experience of laughter yoga with her and then another woman came to Plum Village from England, and she also was a Laughter Leader. I came back in Italy last March and decided to become a laughter yoga leader too. Now I lead my club in Milan and this experience is very nourishing.

So I wonder if that woman is you.
If you are: THANK YOU for inspiring me!
But if it is not you: THANK YOU for sharing your laughter with people!

Smiles and hugs,

Dear Lee,

I'm so happy we met again! I feel the Universe is amazing!

Thank you again for your presence in Plum Village. That was a very hard time in my life and in difficult moments, after you left, the other lay friends and I used to do laughter yoga! I hope we will have a chance to laugh together soon!!!

Lots of Love and Gratitude!!!

Jiang Yingjun

Laughter yoga is new to me. During my first session, all the emotions rose in the mind—pressure, family, fatigue, and sadness. After half an hour’s laughter exercises and games, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated as if those emotions affecting me had been swept away.

Alberto Zennaro

I feel happier after the exercise!

Danielle Ruan

This is one of the most interesting mornings I’ve ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Lin Ying

We learn to be grateful and to take care of those who need our love and care. We also grow in confidence laughing in a group, doing laughter exercises.

Prof. Chung Yun-ying

Laughter is the most common language we use to connect with others. When we laugh to the sky above, it will respond with the echoes of bright laughter. The laughter on children’s faces shows selfless love from parents. The laughter on students’ faces reflects hope. The laughter on the faces of middle-aged people indicates wisdom and experience. The laughter on the faces of the elderly displays harmony between humans and nature. Laughing every day keeps worries and sorrow away and makes you intelligent, confident, and gracious.

Jane Xu

The pressure we face is reduced; we make new friends and experience new things as well as strengthen the body.

Wang Xin

I’ve been much more mindful and focused after letting go of some frustration and stress through loud laughter. So I will keep on practising.

Li Xiaoling

By laughing, I feel more relaxed despite the pressure at work, and I find myself in a better mood.

Zhou Ruihui

Laughter yoga makes me feel relaxed.

Lui Huachang

By taking part in laughter yoga, I am becoming more open-minded and alert, so I will continue to do it.

Liu Wei

My passion for work has grown since I took part in laughter yoga, and I am in a much better mood these days.

Qiu Wuhua

Since taking part in laughter yoga, I have felt better and better. I am happier and much more at ease when serving guests. It also reduced the pressure and helped me to lose weight. I love it!

Zhao Jing

When I first took part in laughter yoga, I was excited and shy, so I didn’t open my heart fully. However, I realized that it made me relaxed, refreshed, and feel so good. I will keep on laughing to stay young in mind, body, and spirit!

Zhang Minwen

Laughter yoga brings us happiness and energy. It helps to improve efficiency and enhances working relationships amongst colleagues.

Ruan Simei

I feel much more energetic and healthier these days.

Yao Ruizhen

The feeling of laughing loudly is fantastic!

Liu Wanhu

Through laughter yoga, I know my body and myself better. It has helped me to attain a healthier lifestyle and make more friends.

Chen Qiuping

It helps me to lose weight, get rid of excessive gas, and makes me more focused. It also allows me to let go of depression and frustration.

Chen Yanwei

Doing exercises every day ensures good health and longevity.

Peng Bo

After attending laughter yoga and walking meditation, I feel rejuvenated, as though I am connected with the universe and nature, which gives me a much better understanding of the culture of Sun Island: harmony, sharing, and symbiosis.

Tan Siew Khim

I feel better and happier every day!

Jenny Ishdal

Laughter yoga left me glowing…