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Singaporean Cancer Survivor Laughs Her Way To Good Health

by Laughter Yoga Organisation Website

singaporean-cancer-survivor-laughs-her-way-to-good-health-1Singaporean cancer survivor Tan Siew Khim, 50, encountered Laughter Yoga barely two years ago, learning from Laughter Guru Dr. Madan Kataria and laughter teacher Lee Sok Lian at Sun Island Resort in Shanghai, China. Laughter is now a way of life for this plucky lady.

When she first discovered the cancer, Siew Khim was filled with fear. Not wanting to be a burden to her family, she had wanted to, in her own words, “leave this world quietly”. Instead of letting cancer triumph over her, she reclaimed her life and made every day count. In her fight against cancer, Siew Khim staunchly refused to accept ownership of the disease.


The New Wonder Drug For Cancer!

by Tan Siew Khim

the-new-wonder-drug-for-cancer[left photo: Leading The Laughter Yoga Flash Mob in Shanghai, July 2012]

I truly believe I owe my life to this miracle drug. In all my visits to the hospital, no doctor ever inquired about my exercise regimen, or even asked if I exercised. This strikes me as being rather odd for by all accounts, medication without some form of exercise has not yielded the same results as a change in lifestyle for most people suffering from heart diseases and cancer. It is now common knowledge that we can heal ourselves more quickly with medical treatment supplemented with the miracle drug!

The writer Janet Hawley in her piece aptly titled “Let’s Get Physical” (The Sun-Herald, Australia, 16 September 2012) explains how people with chronic health problems including breast cancer and heart disease can all benefit from this miracle drug I alluded to earlier.

The wonder drug as you may have guessed is called exercise.


The Best Masseuse I’d Ever Had!


the-best-masseuse-i-d-ever-hadWent to the spa for their “Buy One Get One Free!” 80-minute massage for RMB680. Lucky enough to run into this lady 'Chen Chen', in Chinese 陳陳. Told her about my lower back pain and she took it unbelievably seriously, dealing with my back inch by inch. She is the best masseuse I'd ever had. You can tell she really cares about how you feel, unlike most others who are only interested in you the moment you tip them.

- Cindy,
Hong Kong

Sun Island Paradise


sun-island-paradise-1[Left to Right: Tina Ty and Lucena Ty]

I remember calling Sun Island a Paradise when I visited two years ago. Our experience of Sun Island is wonderful, friendly and beautiful. We will be back!

We also admire the way Sun Island management takes an active interest in helping all the employees to learn English and lead a healthy happy life. That is indeed admirable.

The houses are just like what we have in Jamaica Estates in New York. Just 2 weeks ago a couple from Madrid (our neighbors on Sun Island Resort when we were there for the World Expo) had their honeymoon in New York. We saw them again and invited them to our house. We all think Sun Island is indeed a Paradise. The fog in the morning; the sunshine after the fog; the nice people on Sun Island and the healthy breakfast we had every morning make for some truly lovely memories.

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