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Add Zest And Years To Your Life With Lemon Water!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

add-zest-and-years-to-your-life-with-lemon-water-1This is a Citrus Zinger, my all-in-one juicer-cum-water-bottle. Before the Citrus Zinger, I had found making a lemon drink too troublesome and so, green tea became my beverage of choice instead. Nowadays lemon juice days alternate with green tea days. Thanks to lemons and green tea – both excellent weight loss remedies --- I have been able to maintain my BMI at 22.1.

This all-in-one juicer-cum-water-bottle extracts lemon juice in three quick twists, infusing the water with instant zesty flavor, vitamin C and flavonoids and perking me up all day.


Eat Bananas For Health and Happiness!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

eat-bananas-for-health-and-happiness-1According to the Glycemic Index (GI) Ratings For The World’s Healthiest Foods, the Glycemic Index of bananas is 52. A GI of 52 is classified as low. GI is a measurement carried out on carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar. The research shows that eating bananas does not cause high blood sugar levels.

The American Diabetes Association, Diabetes U.K. as well as the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases have all listed bananas as one of the fruits safe for diabetics to include in their diets.


Eat More Lady’s Finger or Okra For Health And Beauty!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

eat-more-ladys-finger-or-okra-for-health-and-beauty-1[left photo: Okra pods ready for harvesting]

Elaine who has Type 2 Diabetes told me about websites bearing claims that drinking water in which you soak pieces of cut okra overnight has health benefits for diabetic sufferers!

I checked out the website claims and am delighted to discover this awesome “powerhouse of valuable nutrients” flowering right in our own backyard! I have just walked into Mahota Farm on Sun Island, and saw, growing along the edges of the path leading to the farm, 30 or 40 tall okra plants, looking a little windblown but otherwise very healthy and strong!


Siew Khim And Lin Ying: Their Triumph Over Cancer

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

siew-khim-and-lin-ying-their-triumph-over-cancer[L to R]: Siew Khim, Xiao Qian, Chen Yan Wei, Lee, Lin Ying, Elaine

Cancer survivor Tan Siew Khim returned to Shanghai in May 2014 for her obligatory health checkup and a year’s supply of Chinese herbs. Dr. Shi gave her a clean bill of health; there is no presence of cancer apparent in the body. She shared her story with 100 guests at a laughter yoga session held on Sun Island on 23 May 2014, a day before her return to Singapore. This is an excerpt from the book about her fight against cancer, available on from July 2014:

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