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Eat Dragon Fruit To Lower Blood Glucose Levels!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

eat-dragon-fruit-to-lower-blood-glucose-levels-1Besides papayas, the other fruit I never tire of eating is the dragon fruit or pitaya, discovered and enjoyed by a growing number of people for its many health benefits as well as rich sweet taste! The flesh of the dragon fruit has been described as being akin to the kiwi fruit, only firmer, more interesting and delicious, in my view.

It is only in recent years that the dragon fruit --- with its unusual green scales and speckled flesh --- is gaining greater acceptance and popularity. It is also becoming more easily available, being grown commercially in Asia. The fruit can be served whole, in salads, as spreads and jams, or even as a beverage (juiced). In some parts of the world, dried or preserved dragon fruit is extremely popular.

7 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruits:

  1. Despite its sweetness, those suffering from diabetes have nothing to worry about when eating the fruit. The dragon fruit helps to control glucose levels in those suffering from Type II diabetes. Studies show that eating dragon fruits can help reduce the insulin intake of Diabetes Type I patients.

  2. The fruit is rich in flavonoids that are known to be effective in preventing cardio-related diseases. Eating dragon fruit can help normalize the body’s hypertension levels and prevent strokes. Since it is low in calories, the dragon fruit is a healthy choice for weight-watchers. Healthy carbs present in the dragon fruit promote good health, unlike unhealthy carbs found in highly processed foods. The edible small black seeds contain a small amount of fats, most of it unsaturated and able to help increase the levels of good cholesterol and remove bad cholesterol from our bodies.

  3. eat-dragon-fruit-to-lower-blood-glucose-levels-2The high calcium content of the dragon fruit benefits the teeth, bones and blood. Besides promoting bone health, calcium is also needed for proper muscle function and nerve transmission. The Food And Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations considers the dragon fruit a fruit of “high nutritional value” due to its calcium content.

  4. The high fiber content of dragon fruits helps prevent constipation or irregular bowel movements. The fruit is rich in minerals and fibers that aid in digestion, clearing toxic ingredients and preventing colon cancer.

  5. The anti-oxidant properties and high levels of vitamin C, minerals and phytoalbumin are helpful in fighting free radicals. The vitamin C present in one small fruit meets 15% of the body’s daily requirements. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, effectively protects the cells of the body from cancer-causing radicals. This water-soluble vitamin is essential in the making of collagen. It helps build the immune system, shortens the duration and severity of the common cold, and heals bruises and cuts naturally.

  6. The dragon fruit is low in calories and provides a good source of essential nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin B2, carotene, phosphorus, vitamin B1, iron, protein, vitamin B3 and carbohydrates. Phosphorus promotes tissue formation.

  7. The dragon fruit contains carotene, which is beneficial to the eyes.