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Laughter Yoga Opens Doors!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

laughter-yoga-opens-doorsLaughter yoga opens doors for countless people like Laughter Yoga Leader Silvia Mecca and me who have made laughter a part of our lives. After encountering laughter yoga, Silvia returned to Milan, Italy, where she now leads laughter yoga sessions. It nourishes her heart and soul.

Others have incorporated laughter into their work, they tell me. Apart from laughing every day, I lead laughter yoga sessions and write about the benefits of laughter therapy.

My first book “If You Think The Water Is Cold”, available on, is based on the story of a cancer survivor Tan Siew Khim. See Dr. Kataria’s endorsement of the book:

Cancer does not kill. Fear of cancer kills more. Tan Siew Khim’s book will be an inspiration for millions of people around the world to heal from cancer and live a better quality of life. Laughter yoga increases oxygen levels in the cells, which helps fight cancer cells. It has given Siew Khim positive energy to keep her mind strong, so she can keep the cancer cells under control. -- Dr. Madan Kataria, founder, Laughter Yoga Clubs Movement


Laughter Removes Anger, Fear And Inhibitions

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

To develop a sense of humor, one needs to remove the layers of inhibitions and mental blocks created by self, parents and society. In laughter yoga clubs we use childlike playfulness and several warming up exercises to move the body which helps to remove inhibition and shyness. Once these barriers are removed, the infinite potential to laugh unfolds automatically and sense of humor starts flowing. People, who never cracked jokes, are now enjoying humor better than ever before. They are more playful and creative and see life in a much lighter way. Therefore, it is not always a sense of humor that leads to laughter. The reverse is also true. –-- Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder, Laughter Yoga Organisation


Why The Chinese People Are Not Laughing

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

In the post “Bringing Love And Laughter To Old Folks In A Home In Shanghai, China” uploaded on 2 November 2014, I briefly mentioned the challenges faced in making the Chinese people laugh:

“The Chinese have a saying: When you laugh, you must not show your teeth. They also believe that excessive or prolonged laughing could lead to the depletion of qi, especially in the cold winter months when we should conserve our energy. These strongly entrenched cultural beliefs have prevented laughter yoga from taking off in a big way on the mainland despite our best efforts and Dr. Kataria's visits.”

There is more.


Gearing Up For The 50s With Yoga

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

gearing-up-for-the-50s-with-yoga-1“Yoga is the science of right living and, as such, is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.” --- Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Although not quite acrobatics in the true sense of the word, I do engage in rigorous activity for a living. Often with people half my age. (See pictures below)





To make sure that I do not accidentally twist my spine, sprain my wrist and other parts of my anatomy while leading Laughter Yoga (ha! ha! ha! that would be really funny!), I practice yoga. Yes, I practice yoga to further my work in Laughter Yoga.

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