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Wellness Begins At The Mahota!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

wellness-begins-at-the-mahota-1[left photo: Mahota Gourmet]

We are pleased to announce the opening of The Mahota conveniently located in downtown Shanghai! A team of wellness specialists are on hand from 10:00 to 20:00 to help you achieve your goals and find balance. The state of equilibrium that is inherent in the human condition and which all of us are able to attain easily.

To achieve optimal wellness in the body, mind and soul, we believe in integrating a healthy diet, body therapies and movement in consciously cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Integrating the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with natural therapies and modern life-science research applications, our team of leading practitioners and experts from academia have developed a new health management system to enhance your wellbeing and happiness.


Taisheng Agriculture: A Lifeline For Future Generations

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

taisheng-agriculture-a-lifeline-for-future-generationsOne way to simplify life is to get back to the land and grow our own food, as increased self-sufficiency reduces dependency on money and the economy. Some people believe the key to a free and simple life is to stop consuming and start producing. We at Mahota Farm too share this view. We believe that the heavens, earth and mankind are interdependent and part of a much larger symbiotic system.

Hence Taisheng agriculture, which adheres to the rule of interdependence within the greater ecosystem. Taisheng does not measure success by productivity or earnings. Guided by the principles of protecting the land and allowing all living beings to prosper, Taisheng agriculture ensures biodiversity, making sure that the land is lush and fertile, leaving a lifeline for future generations.


A Day At The Farm

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

“Mahota Farm gives one the impression of a clean, tidy, modern, well-structured high technology farm. For me, this first impression changed all previously-held mis(conceptions) about agriculture: dirty, messy and untidy. It opened up my eyes.
Lunch was a welcoming sight – the spread of colorful farm-fresh vegetables at the table, to be tossed into the hotpot with tasty slices of meat (pork, beef and chicken). We were offered a choice of dips: pounded chilli paste, garlic soy sauce or black sesame sauce. It was a very satisfying meal.
Horticultural experts were on hand to show us step-by-step the process of cultivating crops; this experience taught me the importance of the source of food in our life.
Another lasting impression for me was the friendly, warm welcome we received from everyone!”
-- Bernadette Lum

Fresh From The Farm!

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

A guest said of Mahota Farm: “I sensed the passion and joy among the staff at the farm.”
Indeed the joy and passion hit me each time I visit.
The guest Por So Loon, on her first visit, was taken aback by the sheer size of the farm. Her eyes widened even more when our Pest Management expert Prof Kuo took her into his laboratory for a closer look at assorted fat worms gorging themselves on juicy leaves.
Prof Kuo explained with a wicked gleam in his eyes when So Loon asked what he was doing with the wriggly specimens: “Finding ways to KILL them!” He obviously relished the thought of doing so.
So Loon shuddered at his murderous intent.
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