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Taisheng Agriculture: A Lifeline For Future Generations

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

taisheng-agriculture-a-lifeline-for-future-generationsOne way to simplify life is to get back to the land and grow our own food, as increased self-sufficiency reduces dependency on money and the economy. Some people believe the key to a free and simple life is to stop consuming and start producing. We at Mahota Farm too share this view. We believe that the heavens, earth and mankind are interdependent and part of a much larger symbiotic system.

Hence Taisheng agriculture, which adheres to the rule of interdependence within the greater ecosystem. Taisheng does not measure success by productivity or earnings. Guided by the principles of protecting the land and allowing all living beings to prosper, Taisheng agriculture ensures biodiversity, making sure that the land is lush and fertile, leaving a lifeline for future generations.

Most businesses set targets based on profit, using Standard Operating Procedures and KPI's to maximize profits. The business model at a Taisheng enterprise is simple and effective, the main objective being to improve the physical wellbeing of employees, improve worker morale and enhance the business's core strengths.

At Mahota Farm, we regard the farm as a whole design system. We are constantly experimenting, exploring and finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle by-products which we then feed into another subsystem to attain zero emissions. To achieve this, we mix pig manure and plant waste materials for composting and producing bio-gas. The organic matter is separated into solid and liquid wastes. These are filtered and purified through algae breeding and aqua farming. The greywater, together with the rainwater that is collected, is used to irrigate the land as well as clean the pig pens.

The message we hope to drive home is the importance of sustainable development, promoting simple living through simplifying our lives and our diet, and resisting exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.