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Why We Should Banish Our Fears

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

why-we-should-banish-our-fears-1Just like the other irrational fears, for instance, of height, drowning, spiders, or public speaking, chorophobia, or the fear of dancing, can severely disrupt normal life, interfering with school, work and social relationships. Many people like me suffer needlessly for years and years, and some live with their phobias their entire lives. When we do not confront our fears and get rid of the phobias that affect the quality of our lives, we never truly participate fully in life. Sadly, we never realize our true potential or discover some of our God-given gifts.

Why do some of us suffer from chorophobia?


The Sweetest Sound In Any Language Is One’s Own Name

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

the-sweetest-sound-in-any-language-is-one-s-own-nameIf you are a teacher, or have been one, chances are that you would through sheer habit pay attention to names a bit more than others. Great salespeople, service staff and people who work in Human Resources too make it a point to address others by their names.

The reason many teachers make it a point to learn by heart all the names in the first week of the new academic term, regardless of how many students we teach, is that we cannot practice effective classroom management if we do not know the names of the troublemakers. Or the ones who do not pay attention.

Just imagine a fight erupts in the middle of your class in the first week of school. You would be hard put to separate the squabbling trio if you do not know their names. Now imagine you have committed the names to memory and put names to the faces of John Chen Wei Ming, Samy Vellu and Mohammad Ali. To regain control of the class, all you have to do is summon all your energy and in your most stentorian disciplinarian voice bellow: “SAMY VELLU! MOHAMMAD ALI! JOHN CHEN WEI MING! GET BACK TO YOUR SEATS NOW!”


Bad Guys Could Save The World

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

bad-guys-could-save-the-world“Bad” Guys Show Kindness, Grace, Sympathy, Goodness, Compassion, Generosity and Courtesy

This is a story shared by a colleague who attended a talk delivered by a revered Buddhist abbot in Singapore. At the talk, a few members of the audience sought advice for bickering and feuding families. Someone asked why his family seemed to be at war every day while another family seemed to live in peace and harmony.

The abbot pondered for a moment and gave this reply.

Let us call the bickering or feuding family the Tans, and the peace-loving family the Lims.

This was what the abbot said: “The reason why the Lim family is a peace-loving and harmonious one is because they are bad people whereas the Tans are good people.”

A long silence filled the room.


Everyone Can Experience Flow In Work And Play

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

everyone-can-experience-flow-in-work-and-play-1[left photo: What flow looks like]

"They concentrate their attention on a limited stimulus field, forget personal problems, lose their sense of time and of themselves, feel competent and in control, and have a sense of harmony and union with their surroundings . . . they cease to worry about whether the activity will be productive or whether it will be rewarded . . . they have entered a state of flow." --- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Whether a general cleaner, a pen pusher or an assembly line worker, we find ourselves on a never-ending search for ways to counteract the boredom, anxiety, and alienation that some of us encounter at work. But in this culture ruled by the pursuit of money, prestige, and pleasure, there are some individuals willing to give up material awards for something far more meaningful and lasting. A deeply satisfying experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow”. These individuals include the rock-climbers, the dancers and the chess masters. They have chosen the path less trodden. However we need not always follow the unconventional route to enjoy the elusive experience of flow or mere enjoyment.

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