Symbiosis | Sharing | Harmony

Increase Positive Energy Instantly By Pulling Out Negativity By Its Roots

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲




Tucked away at the northern end of Sun Island is 40 mu of land devoted to organic farming. Mahota Farm on Sun Island embraces and practices the philosophy of Taisheng: a new way of life based on the core values of symbiosis, sharing and harmony. In keeping with the original mixed-farming model, Mahota Farm is a biodynamic blend of field, pasture, orchard and pond. Everything is grown naturally.

It is a place where people caught up in the hectic pace of the modern world can experience a life that is healthy, low-carbon and spiritually fulfilling.

Guests and Sun Island employees alike are drawn to the peace and tranquility in this bright open space. This year, all 900 staff attended the Taisheng Farm Training that took place over a five-week period on the farm. Many went away deeply moved by the transformational experience. They had felt the warmth and strength of the Prime Group family and experienced the Taisheng philosophy in action.


Building Team Spirit And Responsibility Through Collective Effort

Pulling up weeds was one of the biggest challenges faced by course participants who learned how to let go and slow down so that they could connect with each other and with Mother Nature.

So what was the underlying message for trainees as they donned gloves and squatted down, ready to clear large swathes of weed-infested land?


  • As you pull out the weed, dig deep. Get to the root and pull all of it out, so that it does not have a chance to survive.
  • Clear the entire plot of weeds so that the newly planted seeds have room to germinate. To get rid of deeply rooted perennial weeds, dig deeper with spades, shovels and rakes. Complete the job with the weeders, pruning shears and scissors provided.
  • Be thorough: any grass that is not useful on the farm is weed and must be cleared, to make room for vegetation.

On a deeper level, trainees understood that the entire exercise was to inculcate and reinforce positive thoughts and good habits. Weeds represent all the negativity in the world – our bad habits, negative thoughts and beliefs, and all the other aspects of our lives that we want to eliminate. Weed seeds can remain dormant for a very long time; old habits die hard.

To get rid of deeply rooted negative beliefs and past conditioning, dig more deeply. Be ruthless. Pull out all traces of negativity. All the difficult people and situations are in our lives for a reason; they aid our personal and spiritual growth. We take pause, acknowledge the lessons learnt and put the past behind us so that we can move on. We do this by pulling out all that stuck energy, leaving in its place good energy. We go on to fill our lives with gratitude, love, hope, joy, abundance, vitality, kindness, generosity and compassion.

Once transmitted and passed on, this positive energy can be harnessed to help us realize our fullest potential. It is a powerful force that galvanizes us into action and inspires us to live a purpose-filled life.