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Aura Drawing By Nami Himuro, and More Revelations For Moving Forward

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

aura-drawing-by-nami-himuro-and-more-revelations-for-moving-forward[left photo:July 2014 – Latest aura drawing by Nami Himuro For Lee]

Whenever I am stuck, at a crossroads in my life, or want to explore options, I seek spiritual guidance. One of those who helps me attune to spiritual guidance and access information that I would on my own be unable to do is Japanese clairvoyant artist and spiritual teacher Nami Himuro. Through Chica (Suzuki Chikako) who helps Nami translate the messages from Japanese to English, I receive clarity and accurate insights into the paths I should take. A psychic reading through an aura drawing session by Nami always enlightens, empowers and inspires me.

Nami and Chica are two very special and caring beings --- light workers and angels in disguise --- that the spirit guides have sent into my life since 2010, to help me connect to my own source of inner wisdom as well as develop intuition and soul knowledge. My spirit guides are always in the room, paying rapt attention to the exchange between Nami and me, and tuning in to my energy as we receive the messages meant for my spiritual growth.

In the space of five years, Nami has helped capture the changing colors of my aura from shades of red to yellow, metallic gold, turquoise, indigo, blue, violet, green and silver, each carrying its own meaning. I have progressed from a state of nervousness about my future --- lots of reds in the first drawing --- to acquiring the sensitive and intuitive energies of a healer. In the latest drawing, Nami has depicted vibrant hues of spiritual awakening and introspection. Chica translated all the messages; there is some advice I should pay attention to.

Nami has also helped several of my friends get out of the rut when they felt stuck; as well as those who simply needed inspiration, encouragement or support to do something their intuition had been urging them to do. All we need sometimes is to get verification for the things we want to do and simply trust our intuition.

According to gifted intuitive counselor Erin Pavlina:“Your guides sometimes get together with other people’s guides and together they try to create a meeting between their charges.” These are definitely not chance encounters or coincidences.

In February this year, prompted by my spirit guides, I attended Erin’s intuitive counseling training course in Las Vegas. When I applied to attend Erin’s course, I was told that the course might be cancelled if fewer than four people signed up. Erin consulted her spirit guides who directed her to conduct the course for the lone Singaporean who would fly more than twenty-seven hours, halfway around the world, to learn from her. Our guides must have gotten together to arrange the meeting!

According to Erin, our spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born to help nudge and guide us through life. They are responsible for helping us fulfil the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. Our higher self helps select these guides who help us while we are living out our incarnation.

Like Nami and Chica, Erin is one of those very special beings sent by my guides to direct me in the ways to fulfil my earthly mission.