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Focus Only On What You Want

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

focus-only-on-what-you-want-1My whole life, I had wanted to live on an island. I knew I would one day live my dream. I believed it with all my heart and soul. In my mind’s eye, I saw miles and miles of beautiful beaches on a magical sun-drenched island. A secluded haven filled with the wonders of Nature in all its myriad forms.

Think Chiang Mai. Phuket. Cebu. Bali. Phi Phi Island. Koh Samui. The Maldives. Stunning tropical sunsets. Balmy air. Spectacular scenery. Coconut palms dotting picturesque coastlines. Healthy, delicious cuisine. Spacious thatched roof huts, complete with all the mod cons necessary for life. Warm, friendly, good-natured people. Warm blue sea. Peace and quiet.

These are the main attractions in my visualization of the island paradise. The place where I would live and work, far from the madding crowd.

focus-only-on-what-you-want-2[left image: Villa 2203 on Sun Island, Shanghai]

My hopes of living and working on an island materialized in 2009. Villa 2203 at Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai, has been my home for more than 5 years now. I diligently put out my intention day and night. The universe was receiving all the energy I was sending out, and made it a reality for me. On the day I moved into Villa 2203, there was deep joy and profound gratitude in my heart.




focus-only-on-what-you-want-3[right image: Light breezes and stunning river views year round]

Bestselling author and one of America’s top success coaches Jack Canfield in his blog post “Visualise and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes: A Step-by-Step Guide” recommends that we find or create a picture of every aspect of our dream life. He suggests creating a picture or a visual representation for every goal we have ---- financial, career, recreation, new skills and abilities, things we want to purchase, and so on.

When Canfield and his co-author Mark Victor Hansen were writing the very first “Chicken Soup For The Soul” book, they took a copy of the New York Times bestseller list, scanned it into their computer, and using the same font as the newspaper, typed “Chicken Soup For The Soul” into the number one position in the “Paperback Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous” category. Less than two years later, “Chicken Soup For The Soul” made it to the bestseller list and dominated the top spot for over a year!

The Law of Attraction works, with or without you believing in it. What you think about the most, where your energy is focused, is what your reality will consist of.

focus-only-on-what-you-want-4[left image: The resort lifestyle attracts like-minded friends]

We all know people whose constant refrain is “But I have no choice!”

They truly believe that they “have no choice”. They struggle to make ends meet; life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, obstacles and challenges. The truth is that the lack of opportunities, the hard life, the bad relationships and even the poor health, are realities they have created for themselves. These people are merely manifesting their desires.

If you are a happy, positive person who’s enjoying an abundant and fulfilling life, you will keep attracting positive things into your life. If you constantly see the negative side of things, and expect life to be full of challenges, then that’s the reality you’re creating for yourself, and you will find happiness and joy elusive. If you have spent your entire life believing that you will never have enough money, or find the right life partner, or the perfect job, you are probably right because you are attracting the things that you spend all your time thinking about. If you believe that people take you for granted, make use of you, and are constantly plotting, scheming and conniving to trick or cheat you, chances are that you will fall prey to unscrupulous people. By focusing on all the negative outcomes, you are attracting them into your life.

I am careful about what I think about on a daily basis because I know now that what I think about the most, where my energy is focused, is what I will get because that is what my reality consists of!