Symbiosis | Sharing | Harmony

Letting Go, Forging Ahead

Winter is upon us once again – the season of blistering cold and landscapes blanketed in snow and ice. The final quarterly of the year has arrived at a very auspicious time indeed.

This issue is four pages longer than the previous one. We have added a new section focusing on the thoughts and ideas of the younger generation born after the 80’s and 90’s, the aim being to form an unbroken line between all three generations. The passion and acute perceptiveness of our younger writers has added substance and breathed new life into the Taisheng endeavor.

Mahota Quarterly carries forward the core values of symbiosis, sharing and harmony. We aim to produce content that is informative, entertaining and practical, in keeping with the vision set out in the premiere issue: to emphasize topicality and focus on issues that concern the environment and all living things. Our directive is predicated on the pragmatic; everything we put forward can and should be put into practice. Have we achieved these aims? We’ll let the readers decide for themselves.

This is also our farewell issue, because the team at Mahota Quarterly is moving on. We have achieved what we set out to do - namely bridging the gap and ensuring smooth passage from one generation to the next - and the time has come to reinvent ourselves.

The magazine was originally created to probe further into the Taisheng philosophy, laying the groundwork for PGI’s expansion into new realms while spreading the message to a larger audience. We have now published the results of our research as a compilation, and we will continue to spread our message by way of quarterly conferences, training sessions and last but not least, the annual Mahota Symposium, all of which we will continue to improve. We are now probing deeper and going farther in the areas of research and promotion. Our focus has moved onto the publication of books and building a Taisheng living museum and academy. The Mahota Symposium will still figure prominently in our annual program of events.

Water is water, no matter if it’s a solid, liquid or gas. This is the Taisheng approach: Forging ahead by moving across all realms and states of being. From this point of view, letting go does not mean giving up, but rather the changing of your resolve in order to forge ahead, giving our lives deeper meaning and greater value.