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Do You “Believe” In Taisheng?

The very first seminar on Taisheng was held recently, in conjunction with the publication of The Way of Taisheng, an anthology of our most recent works on the topic.

The book covered the study of Taisheng from the various perspectives: philosophy, general sciences, education, health and wellness, agriculture and management. It is the amalgamation of our collective experiences in the respective industries, and the culmination of our three years of work on this magazine.

During lunch at the seminar, a fellow attendee asked me in a hushed, half-joking tone: “Do you believe in Taisheng?”

Cornered into a tight spot, I instinctively offered a philosophically ponderous “Hmmm”. It was primarily because I had food in my mouth at that time, but also because the question had caught me by surprise.

My “hmmm” worked wonders, and having come off that encounter relatively unscathed, it got me thinking. Do I believe in Taisheng? I have never approached Taisheng using the route of faith. So no, I do not “believe” in Taisheng in the sense of a blind faith. My experience with Taisheng did not start from merely believing. It began in query. From doubt, I have embarked on a journey of understanding, a quest for knowledge. I think the moment we begin to believe in something, we would stop inquiring. That cannot be a good thing in this case. I guess therefore a more appropriate question for me would be: Do I understand Taisheng?

My quick answer to this latter question would be: “Yes, but not completely.”

My understanding of Taisheng lies on a continuum of verification, discoveries, reflections, and more verifications. I am now more aware, that to fully understand Taisheng is not to eradicate all uncertainties, but to embrace them, to harness them, and to co-exist with them.

Taisheng, taken to its most literal meaning, is the sustaining of life (sheng) through disequilibrium (tai). This disequilibrium is the foundation of life; and the uncertainties form a part of this disequilibrium.

For three years, we have shared with our readers everything we do at Mahota. It was an essential phase, as this magazine has created a precious space for us to chronicle our work and our thoughts. Every quarter, we have endeavored to reach out to and engage with our readers. Through addressing the doubts of anyone new to the concept of Taisheng, we discovered new ways to approach our work and have gained fresh perspectives.

It is now time for deeper reflections. We will be spending 2015 on more in-depth research. Thank you for being with us on this path.