Taiwan Cité Media Group


Cité Media Holding Group is Taiwan's largest publisher of books and magazines, publishing more than forty periodical titles (twenty million copies per year) and over fifteen thousand books (with thirteen million copies printed annually).  In 2007, Cité Media acquired Pixnet (Pi Ke Bang), strengthening our print publishing operations and realizing the benefits of its integration with digital media platforms, in the process furthering the development of online communities in the Greater China region.

At present, Cité Media remain the largest book and magazine publishing enterprise in Taiwan. Cité's rapid growth gathers pace with each year. As of the end of 2008, Cité Publishing Ltd. comprises five constituent enterprises: financial management, information technology, domestic lifestyles and parenting, leisure and entertainment, and style and youth fashion. Linked and integrated, these five areas of operation are interfaced by an 'Operations Service Center' and 'Integrated Marketing Center', which provide expert assistance on sales, distribution, printing, accounting, legal affairs, information technology, human resources and administration. Seamless vertical and horizontal integration of all business areas has allowed Cité to achieve vigorous trading success year upon year.