About Mahota Symposium

About the Symposium

The Mahota Symposium a gathering where together we explore topics that matters to us, to our lives and our future. Each year, we hope to engage and to encourage exploration in ideas and practices through the sharing of keynote speakers, interactive workshops and discussions.

On Intentional Communities

When we talk about sustainability we assume some kind of global dimension, in either the problem relating to food, water, air or the solution for climate change, or other transnational treaties. But it’s an abstraction, for the most part, in the background to whatever action we try to enact closer to home. That’s why certain images of Earthrise, perspective of earth as a superorganism and aphoristic formulas of thinking globally, acting locally; have such appeal, because they give us a tidy mental icon for what are really messy, often distant issues.

At the same time, sustainability as a concept has been framed as exclusively forward- looking. Whether reactive (the ozone hole) or anticipatory (peak oil), it assumes a crisis and the desire to “sustain” an ecological feature, or more commonly, a population and its way of life, into the years ahead.