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Together We Can Make Retirement Villages A Reality In Our Lifetime

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

together-we-can-make-retirement-villages-a-reality-in-our-lifetime-1[left photo: Looking forward to our golden years]

An old friend Anita told me that she had been exploring the possibility of putting herself in a retirement village in Singapore for the last five years but had not found any. A popular retirement village in Taiwan had turned down her application because she is not a Taiwanese national or permanent resident.

I asked her what her idea of a retirement village was. Nearly everything in her description of a retirement community sounded familiar to me. Then it hit me. Or rather, Anita pointed this out to me.

As Anita was preparing to leave Sun Island after her 5-day vacation, she said: "What I have in mind is a bit like what you have here on Sun Island."

Island in the sun perfect for a retirement village
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