From Singapore to Penglai

Written by: Eng Wei Hao

Year 2015 signified the end of pursuing my college qualification and the beginning of new chapter in my life. The excitement lasted for a moment before the stress of post graduation slowly appeared and overwhelmed me due to the encountering of uncertainties. Life choices are expected to be made during transition from college to the real world. Every consideration has to be measured before making the first move, one of them is ability to stay committed. 4 years degree programme briefly introduce every field in biology, so there is no expertise in a particular field. Therefore, hesitation was the outcome instead of having a clear goal.

One day, I followed my parents to a gathering of my extended family. The purpose was to reconnect with family members who got married and established their own living outside Tan Family. One of them is my maternal grandmother. I could not imagine that this gathering would have such a great impact on my life. Chairman Tan Hong Khoon approached me to extend greetings and we began a conversation. When he knew of my situation, immediate response was an offer to pursue career in China. “What
a coincidence, Chairman plans to look into Mushroom Cultivation and I have basic knowledge in Biology,” I thought to myself. It is an opportunity for me to pick up specialized
skills which I lack of. Although working in overseas restricts my time with family and fiancée, I am willing to sacrifice and fight for brighter future which can benefit my loved ones. One week later, I embarked on a new journey.

Shandong province, Penglai is an ideal location given that lesser pollution results from lesser industrial activity. Easily accessible resources and availability of manpower
in agriculture provide a good environment for starting up Mushroom Cultivation compared to major cities. The corporate culture of treating everyone as a member of
Taisheng family gave me a sense of security despite stepping out of comfort zone. It did not take long for me to adapt to new environment in Penglai Mahota Town, perhaps I love the lifestyle. With proper time management, I am able to lead meaningful life. Isolated from mainstream society, I am free from distraction and fully focused on daily task.

Mushroom Cultivation requires hands-on experience to experiment and seek best operating procedure. There is no shortcut; it takes time to build up competency. New situation will occur and require continuous learning to keep up to date. Therefore, I have a long term goal to focus and work towards. If I am working at other organization in Singapore, there are high chances of switching jobs every few years with no specific life goals. I am grateful to be given opportunity to find direction in life as a member of Taisheng Family!