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Your Universal Character Is Your Destiny: The Workaholic’s Success

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


Knowing my personality type has been of great benefit to me, so I can improve in the areas that need more work. However, one should remember that ultimately, what happens to us is affected by the way we look at life, our view of the world, and xin tai or mental attitude. The UCM reading simply serves as a guide; we must believe we can change and put in the necessary effort in order to see results. --- Yang Xiao Rui

I gained a fresh perspective and new directions with regard to work, for example, being more open and communicative, thus improving my interpersonal communication skills. I would say the UCMHP reading is more than 80% accurate, considering that I am new here, and Ms Lee hardly knows me! I can see the benefits of knowing about UCMHP and its application in customer service. I plan to learn more. --- Giovanni Zhao Kang

We are all born with a particular destiny. Our destiny is helped or hindered by our thoughts, words, actions and habits which form our personality and character.

In a nutshell:
Thoughts – Words – Actions – Habits – Character – Destiny


How UCMHP Can Help Improve Customer Service

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


UCMHP is new to me; it is very special! UCMHP simply utilizes a person’s date of birth as the basis of its initial calculations. We come to understand our character, our strengths and weaknesses, and by knowing ourselves better, we can make some adjustments in our ways and habits to achieve our dreams. I find it really amazing that so much can be revealed in a simple UCM chart. --- Gao Po Ting, Taiwan

Wait staff Wendy and Yu Lan are more cheerful, positive and confident. Also, definitely more lighthearted, self-aware and focused. They are also speaking English and taking initiative more than they used to. Guests have commented that they are smiling more and looking prettier! We are happy to see this change in our staff! --- F & B Senior Manager Ding Qiao Juan, Supervisor Jin Mei Hong & Captain Lu Cai Fong

Just the other day, Cindy and Ellen were learning how to read UCM charts. Both Cindy and Ellen had made some changes in their own lives and the way they view the world -- with excellent results! As Cindy, Ellen and I pored over UCM charts, Ellen, (a guest services officer at Sun Island Resorts) was called to the telephone no less than three times. An irate guest had been filing complaints every day from the moment she checked in with her family.


It Is Not That Others Have Misunderstood Us, But Rather, We Do Not Understand Ourselves

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


UCMHP is a technique that helps us to discover ourselves, our personalities, and what motivates us. It is not, as some people mistakenly think, something that helps to unravel the deep mysteries of life or predict the future. Sometimes we may labor under the misconception that others have misunderstood us. It is not that others have misunderstood us; rather, the truth of the matter is that we do not understand ourselves! Sometimes, when faced with a situation, we are unsure about the steps to take. At other times, we may make a mistake but are unable to understand why we do this repeatedly. Some of us have no idea where we are headed or what we really want; we lack direction in life. All these examples simply show that we do not understand ourselves. UCMHP can help us discover and understand ourselves better, what we want, as well as help us realize our highest potential and make the choice/decision that may not be the “correct” one, but which seemed most appropriate at that point in time. --- Hein Khaing, Myanmar

I had never heard of Universal Characteristic Method Human Profiling (UCMHP) before but perhaps “yuan fen” --- the universe, or fate --- brought this knowledge to me. I found it very new and refreshing. I now have a better understanding of the various personality types. Our personalities are all different. I think it is very important that we know our own type – our strengths and weaknesses, and preferred styles of learning as well as possible pitfalls --- because even the most “perfect” of characters can be destroyed by ignorance of our own faults. --- Xu Jun Xiang, Taiwan

What Hein Khaing and Jun Xiang said is very true of most people. It is not that others have misunderstood us, but rather, we do not understand ourselves. If we do not know ourselves, how can we expect others to understand us? If we do not know ourselves or understand our motivation --- what drives us --- even the most “perfect” of characters can be destroyed by ignorance of our own faults.


To Live To A Ripe Old Age, Avoid Overtaxing Mind And Body

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


I found the UCMHP reading to be very logical and informative and am now paying special attention to the health problems indicated in the wu xing health chart. It is very scientific. Very fascinating! --- Zhou How

The first time I encountered UCMHP, my first reaction was one of amazement. How can one’s date of birth reveal so much about one’s personality traits? Of all those who have had their UCM charts read for them, I wonder how many truly go on to reflect on what is said, and make use of this knowledge to make the necessary changes in their lives, their ways and habits, to unleash their potential? --- Lin Jian Hong

May requested a UCM reading for her older brother who seems tired and listless, and generally dissatisfied with his life despite the fact that he is, to all intents and purposes, living the life of his dreams. At the relatively young age of 32, he owns a number of apartments in Shanghai, abundant stocks and shares, and a profitable business. He wants to know what is wrong with him; why is he not feeling upbeat and on top of the world? What is missing in his life?

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