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How Knowing Our System Processing Benefits Us

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


I am a fifty-something UC Type 3. I am overweight and have heart problems. As the security supervisor, I find myself having to confront challenging situations and people as part of my job. I am learning to control my temper and my weight, after seeing my UCM chart and the potential health risks. -- Geng Qi Sheng

What Teacher Li revealed to me is very accurate. I am more aware of my weaknesses now and will do my best to improve, for example, by learning from the strengths of others and modeling the best behavior. --- Cong Jing Yan


UCMHP Karmic Numbers And Life-Time Challenges

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

People say it is very hard to know oneself. I must admit I do not know myself very well. From the UCM reading, I feel I now know myself deeply; I know my strengths and weaknesses, and even all the health hazards that await me if I am not careful! I believe that if I apply myself diligently to the task, work on my weaknesses and develop my strengths, I will be happy and successful. --- Pan Qi Wei

According to “The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche, the word “karma” literally means “action”, and karma is both the power latent within actions, and the results our actions bring. Karma is the natural law of cause and effect. There are many kinds of karma. We will only be concerned with individual karma in this post.

What is individual karma? In simple terms, it means that whatever we do, ---- with our body or speech, or in our mind --- will have a corresponding result. Each action, even the smallest, has repercussions.


You Can Leverage UCMHP To Your Advantage

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


Thank you for the points shared about my son Christopher! He indeed practises selective viewing and does things based on his liking. I believe it is really important for parents to recognize their child's potential and weakness to better guide him/her. Every child is a gift and their upbringing is also an opportunity for parents to learn and grow. We need tools and support to journey through life with ease and wisdom! --- Karin Tan

Before Li Lao Shi read my UCMHP chart, I was not aware of my personality strengths and weaknesses. Now that I know, I will pay more attention to my health and exercise more. --- Cong Xiao

According to Master Bernard Yeo, “With proper guidance and mentorship, the evolution of your mind can help you turn your unfulfilled desires into reality.”


Why UCMHP Readings Are More Than 90% Accurate In China

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲


I feel the UCMHP is very accurate; I will reflect on what Ms Lee told me, make some changes in my life, including my mindset (and attitude), and hopefully, I can change my life for the better. --- Lisa

Had I known about the possibility of cancer in my younger days, I would have taken better care of myself. When Teacher Li showed me the cancer numbers on my UCM chart and on [fellow cancer survivor] Siew Khim’s chart, I could not help wishing that I had known earlier … perhaps my life would have turned out differently. What is the use of regretting now? Moving on, I will now remind my daughter who is a UC Type 2 – she is highly emotional and softhearted--- to not work herself to death. She has just graduated and started working; she keeps a punishing schedule, returning home in the wee hours sometimes. I have shared the UCMHP reading with her, so that she is more aware of the potential health problems and can take the necessary precautions now. She can be spared what I myself went through. --- Lin Ying

Master Bernard Yeo constantly stresses that UCMHP readings are at best up to 90% accurate.

Occasionally I will come across someone who protests: “But that is not at all like me!”

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