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Follow Your Heart. Live Your Dreams.

by Lee Sok Lian|李淑莲

At a life coaching session this week, my client, a flight attendant with a leading carrier, admitted to her fears of leaving her job with meager savings, and nothing to fall back on. Now in her mid-30s, Julie is currently exploring other options before family commitments get in the way.

A UC Type 8, Julie has the extroverts’ numbers 3 and 4 in the 3rd Eye and Blind Spot positions, making her a more outgoing and extroverted person than most UC Type 8s I know. Julie’s being born in the year of the monkey – the Chinese zodiac animal – adds a certain playfulness, brazenness and restlessness to her nature. She is funny and irreverent, and very quick off the mark in responding to my questions.

Julie’s UCM Chart indicates strong personal and professional qualities. These qualities practically guarantee success in all those areas that she is thinking of pursuing. She will be a spectacular success, I assured her. All she needs to do now is take in all the information presented to her and make some personal decisions. What holds her back is fear.

Julie is attached to her “dream job” and her present comfortable lifestyle. I can understand her fear, real or imagined, of losing all that is comfortable and familiar to her. Sometimes, in trying to hold on to what is “good” and familiar, we are really limiting our ability to experience joy in the present. And so, Julie feels stuck in her current situation and badly wants a change. But first, she needs to let go of her anxieties. I recommended a three-day silent retreat to help her get rid of the clutter in her mind, clear the stuck energy, gain clarity, and move on.

Based on the UCM “Star Of Knowledge” Chart, we can see that Julie is being controlled by water, the wu xing element representing service-based industries. Despite flying high and going places, Julie is obviously exhausted.

She saw a documentary on television recently that reaffirmed her fears. The program released the latest research findings: People who work shifts can suffer adverse effects in their cognitive functions for up to five years. I told her that she would not only be losing her cognitive abilities. She might be burnt out, and even slip into depression, if she does not do something about it soon. She is physically and emotionally exhausted from having supported the water element throughout her professional life.

The new study published in the journal “Occupational and Medicinal Medicine” looked at the long-term impact on people’s cognitive abilities working at odd hours or with frequently changing shifts. The impact is particularly marked in those who had worked abnormal hours for more than 10 years –- with a loss in intellectual abilities equivalent to the brain having aged 6.5 years.

The key points:

  • Odd or changeable work hours linked to impaired cognitive abilities
  • Working antisocial hours for more than a decade ages the brain by 6.5 years
  • The decline in cognitive abilities can be reversed if shift work stops -- but it takes time
  • The researchers warn such impairment "may have important safety consequences"

---- extracted from “CNN Study: Long-term shift work lessens brain power” by Laura Smith-Spark

I shared with Julie my own story. How the exhaustion took hold in my late 30s and early 40s, with crippling illnesses and burnout. Go to my blog post dated September 17, 2014, titled “Using UCMHP To Help You Find Fulfilment In Your Chosen Field And In Your Life”, where you will find my own and Christine Wong’s stories.

Because Julie’s story resonates so much with Christine and me, I urged her to reclaim her power and her life.

Julie, follow your heart.
Live your dreams.

This post is specially dedicated to you.

May all your dreams come true.